Executive Coaching

Every man should have the opportunity to be a giant in the workplace. To help shape the organization he works for, to transform lives and businesses and leave an impact. Every man should have the opportunity to retire knowing he’s left a real mark on the world.

We can help you get there.

Who We Are

Geoff Laughton


Geoff is a Relationship Architect/Coach, multiple-International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. He has spent the last twenty-six years coaching people world-wide, with a particular passion for supporting those in relationships, and helping men from all walks of life step up to their true potential.

Mark Johnson


Mark is a men’s coach, business and relationship coach, facilitator, and wilderness guide with more than 20 years of experience helping people and companies grow. He has been part of The Undaunted Man since 2014, and its CFO since 2016.


If you are:

  • Successful at work, but you know you could be more. You know you’re not the leader you could be
  • Feeling passed over for promotion at the highest levels. You’ve hit a ceiling and you can’t break through.
  • Struggling to manage your team without them walking all over you.

We can help you:

  • Become the transformative leader every part of you knows you CAN be.
  • Get out of your own way, and become the leader your C-suite wants to promote.
  • Take your team from struggling to A-tier.


If you are:

  • Lauded by your peers, but still restless. You know you could be doing more…but you’re not sure how to get there
  • Haunted by the delta between the impact you have and the impact you could be having.
  • Feeling stuck at the highest levels, held back by obstacles you can’t seem to get your hands around…and unsure how to break through.

We can help you:

  • Let go of ways your ego is tripping you up and devote your full energy to realizing the mission.
  • Become the giant in your workplace that you know you’re ready to become.
  • Shatter your obstacles and unleash your true potential.

A New Career

If you are:

  • Feeling stuck in the wrong career. The perks and pay are fine, but you feel dead inside and unfulfilled when you think about going to work tomorrow.
  • Struck by the nagging sense that you should be doing something more with your life. Something bigger…or maybe just something different.
  • Tired of waking up Monday mornings feeling like you have to drag yourself to work.

We can help you:

  • Identify what lights you up; and help you build a career out of that.
  • Fall asleep every night proud of what you’ve accomplished.

“If you’re not excited on Monday morning and tired by Friday afternoon, you’re doing it wrong”–Ramit Sethi. 

When I started with Undaunted, I was the golden boy at my company. I had a fat bank account, plenty of responsibilities…and I felt empty. I didn’t know what I wanted to do instead, I just knew that God HAD to have a bigger vision for my life than 40 more years of pushing paper.

Mark and Geoff helped me find my passion and build a career out of it. Now I feel lit up every day when I walk into my home office. I can’t wait to start work on Monday morning, and I fall asleep every night satisfied that I’m making a genuine difference.

Julian Adorney

Men We Work With

The men we work with are like Ferraris stuck in 4th gear. They’re already fast…they’re already successful…they’ve got the raw horsepower to accomplish anything they want to accomplish…and they know something is holding them back.

We help those men shift into 5th gear.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, here’s your next step.

We offer a $200 introductory session to determine if our executive coaching program is an appropriate fit. On that call, we’ll clarify the biggest obstacles to the career that you want (which are often not what you think they are) and map out a broad gameplan to resolve those obstacles. (If we move forward with an engagement, the $200 will be deducted from the total price of the Program).

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Executive Coaching for Men