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Is your marriage on the ropes? Do you and your wife barely talk anymore, or are only talking about logistical stuff? Or, maybe you get along well enough, but you feel more like roommates—there’s no spark, and you miss the sexy flirty woman you married (and the flirty sexy man you used to be)?

Are you struggling with whether or not to get a divorce?

At The Undaunted Man, our relationship coach Geoff Laughton can help you get clear on what’s going to best support each of you to either heal your relationship or get clear on whether it’s time to let it go. In over 26 years of counseling individuals and couples (and 40 years of being in his own marriage), he’s seen and helped couples from every walk of life and in every stage of their relationships.

If you and your partner are committed and willing to do the work, he can help you rekindle the spark, start having real conversations again, and fall back in love with each other…or, if that’s not in the best interest of both partners, he can help you get clarity on your next steps.

It’s important to note that we refer to men and women on this site, but more precisely we’re referring to masculine and feminine energy. If your partner has a lot of feminine energy, than our recommendations & advice will apply whether they are male or female. Similarly, if you want to hone in on your masculine energy, we can help you whatever your sexual orientation. As you read, feel free to substitute in whatever sexual orientations & descriptions best fit your life.

While every relationship that needs help is unique, here are four common patterns Geoff’s seen over and over again that would indicate that you’d benefit from getting coached:


Does this sound familiar?

  • You and your wife get along fine, but there’s no spark. You’ve become partners in the business of marriage.
  • You haven’t had sex with each other in a long time…or when you do, it’s perfunctory and passionless. You miss the hot and wild nights you had as newlyweds.
  • Ever since kids came along, your wife is in mommy mode 24/7. She’s a great mom, and you both love your kids; but you want to reconnect with the sexy woman you married.

Geoff can help you:

  • Tap into your healthy masculine energy—and go from ‘roommate’ to ‘guy she can’t keep her hands off.’
  • Understand female psychology and be the badass man your partner wants you to be.
  • Help her turn off ‘mommy mode’ and reconnect as adults.
  • Rebuild a fun, flirty relationship that leaves you thinking about your last date night (and how it ended) half the day at work.

Just Not Clicking

Does this sound familiar?

  • You just feel like you and your wife are on different pages lately.
  • She seems unhappy, and you’re at your wits’ end as to how to fix it.
  • You miss having real, deep conversations with her.
  • You struggle to remember your last really fantastic date night.

Geoff can help you:

  • Rebuild a deep, loving connection with your family.
  • Feel excited to go home and kiss your wife (and maybe sweep her off her feet while you’re at it).
  • Stop trying to fix her, and just be the strong man she needs you to be.
  • Reconnect with the amazing woman you married.

Open (Or Masked) Hostility

Does this sound familiar?

  • You barely talk to each other anymore.
  • When you do talk, it’s more daggers than loving words.
  • You feel like she flays the skin off of you.
  • You’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to just look at her and feel love.
  • You feel like a king at work, but whipped at home.

Geoff can help you:

  • Lower your walls and have real conversations again.
  • Open up…without feeling like you’re baring your chest for a knife wound.
  • Move past the hurt and pain, and re-tap into your love for each other.
  • Get to where you actually miss each other and can’t wait for your next date night.
  • Feel like a king in your house (and your bedroom) again.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Married life feels like a chain around your neck lately—but you’re not sure if you should throw in the towel.
  • You don’t want a divorce…but you can’t imagine 40 more years of this. There’s got to be a better option.
  • You want to love your wife, but you’re not sure you can ever get back to that place.
  • You’re struggling with whether to stay or go.

Lots of Geoff’s former clients have been there, and he’s helped them get clarity on the best next step for themselves, their partners, and their families. Geoff can help you:

  • Get clarity on whether to stay and fight for your marriage, or if it’s truly time to move on.
  • Get past the hurt and the pain, so you can make a decision from your Spirit instead of just from your ego.
  • Move past the hurt and pain, and re-tap into your love for each other.
  • Move towards the love life you deserve (whether with your wife or with a new partner).

Both Partners Need to Be Committed

Here’s an important caveat, that Geoff has learned through 26 years of relationship coaching and counseling:

Both parties have to want to change. If your partner (or YOU) is fine with the status quo, no coach or couples therapist can change that.

But, if you’re both committed to doing the work, Geoff can help you build the love life you both deserve.

What Does a Successful Marriage Look Like?

In his coaching practice, Geoff uses a combination of coaching tools and no-bull relationship advice to help his clients achieve long-term success in their romantic relationships and in their lives more broadly.

After working with Geoff, you should be able to:

  • Resolve conflicts in a healthy & empathetic way, so they don’t fester under the surface. There’s nothing wrong with conflict, but a key relationship skill is conflict resolution.
  • Improve communication so you and your partner know what each other wants from the relationship.
  • Understand each other’s love languages, so you don’t miss each other like ships in the night.
  • Understand male & female psychology, and how to be the man of your wife’s dreams.

“Undaunted helped me find and strengthen my masculine energy which allowed my marriage to regain a balance that it needed. It gave me the strength to take the steps that were necessary to save it.”

Josh Gowin

About Geoff

Geoff is a Relationship Architect/Coach, multiple-International Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. He has spent the last twenty-six years coaching people world-wide, with a particular passion for supporting those in relationship, and helping men from all walks of life step up to their true potential.

Geoff And His Wife Sarah

Relationship Coaching Next Steps

Here’s your next step.

Geoff offers a $200 introductory session to determine if a 6-month program is an appropriate fit. On that call, he’ll clarify the biggest obstacles to the relationship that you want (which are often not what you think they are) and map out a broad gameplan to resolve those obstacles. (If we move forward with a 6-month engagement, the $200 will be deducted from the total price of the program).

If that’s of interest to you, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Relationship Coaching for Men